domingo, dezembro 11, 2005


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Yay, some positive news! People helping each other out from other religions! What a revolutionary idea, considering the current reactionary state of the world.
Blogger mrlederhosen, at dezembro 12, 2005 1:19 da manhã  
Não é assim tão positivo. Positivo seria não ser preciso fazer-se guarda a nenhum templo religioso...
Mas do mal, o menos.
Blogger Gonçalinho, at dezembro 12, 2005 11:39 da manhã  
i consider it a positive sign, because it means that muslims (some at least) are becoming more and more aware that they must help to stop terrorist attacks.
Blogger Elise, at dezembro 12, 2005 1:18 da tarde  
Yes that is a big issue. That article you wrote about the silence of Muslim communities in reaction to terror attacks is a very pertinent one.
Did you get the link I sent you regarding the riots at Cronulla Beach in Sydney? Everyone is so worried about being Politically Correct that no one even mentions what is really happening, for fear of being labelled a racist.
Lebanese gangs have caused much trouble in parts of Sydney and people have reacted after an attack by gang members on the beach last week. Of course not all of the Lebanese community is like that, but the gang problems are real. Groups of Yobbos have reacted to that and although the violence is bad, I find it amazing that the media coverage is not at all even in its coverage. The Australian press won't even say the word 'Lebanese', instead they say 'people of middle eastern appearance' for fear of being called racist!
A problem is a problem, we should deal with it properly and not pander to fear of what we may be called.
I think Muslim communities around the world really need to look at what is happening around them, and seriously debate and get policies happening to encourage dialogue. Where else is this terrorist threat coming from? It is always the same groups, and no amount of PC will prevent it.

Now I'm getting into a monologue, i'll stop here! hehe, how goes Miss Elise today?
Blogger mrlederhosen, at dezembro 13, 2005 4:48 da manhã  

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