domingo, setembro 10, 2006

Eu denunciei os neocons e só recebi este chapéu*... (3)

Escrito por Elise às 8:45 da tarde


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Blogger RS, at setembro 11, 2006 1:27 da manhã  
Elise dearest:
Now for this one I'm going to assume you can read english at least as good as you can understand it spoken, so here's the deal:
"9/11 Deniers Speak"?
I gottta be honest with you I watched part 1/5 and was going through part 2/5 when the Jimmy Walter "thing" happened (I hope you know what I'm talking about). Anyway... I just... I couldn't go on. It was too painful to watch. It was like one of those "documentaries" about Che Guevara made in Miami, you know?
How can you think this answers any questions about what really happened on 9/11 is just beyond me, Elise. I swear to God, it's a mistery to me. Did you really saw all of the videos linked here? Really? Wow...
And, by the way, did you ever got to see "Loose Change"?
I think you should.

(there's a rerun on RTP1 in about an hour or so - in portuguese and everything!)

Nothing but love for you.
Blogger RS, at setembro 11, 2006 1:30 da manhã  
I have a habit of mistrusting people who KNOW the truth.
No one knows the absolute truth about anything. But both sides of this particular barricade claim it to themselves, without any room for discussion.
Blogger Gonçalinho, at setembro 11, 2006 1:13 da tarde  
And I am with you, shoulder to shoulder. The "OWNERS" of truth make my stomach turn. I guess Elise hasn't figured out (yet!) that all I'm doing is asking the hard questions, not providing any answers. And if those answers start to surface on the questions themselves, well... That's because they are really hard questions, for which NO ANSWERS were given.
Ask. Demand.
The truth is out there.

(Sorry about the X-files line, but with the tin foil caps and all, I couldn't help it)

My best,
Blogger RS, at setembro 11, 2006 1:26 da tarde  
Elise, para esses links é preciso mais que um chapéu prateado, é preciso andar vestido à Missy Elliot...
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